Wrong Conceptions About types of multi channel retailing – and Here is the Truth

Wrong Conceptions About types

Multi channel retailing is so much more nowadays than just a way for people to get more customers and it has actually turned into a necessity at this point because people simply expect to be able to see your products on more places. Multi channel retailing, along with the other types of multi channel retailing, onmi and cross channel retailing, have a lot of misconceptions around them, so in this article we are actually going to debunk some of them just to make it a bit clearer why using these channels is a good thing.

Thinking that people use them for the sake of using them

Probably the biggest misconception that comes with the different types of multi channel selling is that people only use multiple channels just because they are available, and that is simply not true since the last thing that anyone wants to do is to waste time looking for products. When people resort to all of these channels, whether they are doing cross channel or omni channel purchases, they are doing them because they are looking to save money by finding the best offer, to reduce the risk of that product not being in store, or sometimes they resort to another channel because they want to save time and not have to go to the location of a brick and mortar store.

Thinking that all the channels must have the same products

This is another great misconception that comes with the types of multi channel retailing. A lot of business owners think that unless customers are able to find every single product on each of the different channels they are using and because of that they work towards providing the same offers on all channels. However, one of the best things about using multi channel selling is that there is a channel for every product, so making the same offerings on each channel actually underestimates them and the people that are shopping on them.

Thinking that people who use several channels are more likely to make a purchase

While it is true that multi channel retailing does provide business owners with a much higher conversion rate and bring in more money, the one thing that people always seem to get wrong is why those people make those purchases. While having multiple offers on multiple different channels does open the way for new customers to come in, the fact is that the people that already use omni channel or cross channel retailing are people that have a much stronger intention to buy products. This means that instead of trying to move people from one channel to the next, you should focus on the experience that the people are getting when visiting the channels.

With the way that multi channel retailing works and how much it constantly brings customers, using it as a part of your own business strategy is a no brainer. With people using the different types of multi channel retailing in their day to day lives, it is important that you also implement multiple channels and hopefully the debunking of these misconceptions will make you want to do it even more.