What’s Your Choice? Multi-channel ecommerce Software Comparison: Linnworks vs. Volo

Multi-channel ecommerce Software


When a business starts to grow, a lot of the time business owners find themselves unable to fulfill the fast-growing requirements of their customers. When something like this happens and one sales channel isn’t good enough anymore, the natural next step is for you to consider a multi channel sales solution that will help you run your business with maximal efficiency. There are a lot of different ecommerce solutions that will help you with multi channel selling and the choice can get a bit overwhelming when looking at them all, which is why in this article we are going to make do a multi channel e-commerce software comparison between Linnworks and Volo, so keep on reading if you are interested.


As a software that has been around for many years now, if there is one thing that you can be sure of is that this solution has a very impressive range of tools and third-party integrations that make sure you can connect to any marketplace or website that you can think of. Something else that is great about this software, and also pretty unique, is the fact that this software also benefits from automated listings to both Amazon and eBay, which can be a great bonus despite the limitations of this capability. One of the drawbacks of this software is the fact that it is a hybrid of an online and offline software which means that you will need a desktop application in order to actually run the program. What is bad here is that it means that you are limited when it comes to where, when and how many users can use it and have access to it, so that may be a bit of a problem.


When it comes to a multi channel ecommerce software comparison, if there is one thing that we can say about this candidate is that there really isn’t much that is known about it except for the fact that it is a multi channel software that comes with a ton of tools that will help you like inventory management, order fulfilment and management, shipping and so on. However, apart from that things are pretty obscure, all the way down to the pricing of the software which is done by request, so before you go for this one definitely make sure to look for more information unless knowing some of the benefits of it is enough for you.

As we mentioned before, there are a ton of different options out there, so if you still feel like the many benefits of these solutions aren’t enough for you, then the good news is that you can still find something for you. With that being said, we do hope that this multi channel ecommerce software comparison will be helpful and that seeing Linnworks and Volo compared will give you an idea of what is the right thing for your business.

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