Multi Channel Retailing Examples to Help You Create Your Marketing Campaign

Having troubles creating your multi channel marketing campaign? Here are a few multi channel retailing examples to help you out!

Coming up with the right multi channel retailing campaign or strategy is not easy and you know it. As a matter of fact, that is a process that requires a lot of effort, time, and focus, and not everyone can afford that.

In order to help you out, we’ve decided to find the best multi channel retailing examples that will inspire you and motivate you. The future of commerce starts hereSo, without further ado, we are presenting you the best and most effective campaigns:


–  First Direct – This is a great example and you surely are going to learn a lot from it. In an effort to bring more clarity to its marketing, this company created an interesting campaign that included visualizing brand mentions from social media platforms and they have decided to present both negative and positive comments. The end goal was to target the commuters from London, so the information was visualized through different digital formats including big screens at rail stations, underground track projections, digital escalator panels, static tube car panels, LCD screen, and etc. The messages were updated on daily basis and they organized live streaming of data visualizations from the multi channel marketing campaign. The result was increased engagement with visitors.

– Gatwick Airport – This was the first airport in EU to provide 24/7 Twitter support and utilize mobile barcodes across all information points. Before 8 years ago or in 2010, Gatwick collaborated with the Rabbit Agency to introduce any new ideas to support customer service. They used Twitter as a customer service support tool. All passengers were motivated to tweet via the information screen. The company uses Twitter as their support tool and the team is qualified and trained to respond to all comments and concerns on Twitter and offer a suitable solution. Besides this, they also turned the construction hoardings into accessible and public information points. Huge mobile barcodes were installed on the construction hoardings and the free space was soon transformed.

Gatwick has also presented the location-based service called Qypo which is a website that passengers can rate the retailers, as well as, the facilities at the airport, right from their smartphones. The result was widespread media coverage in the press, as a matter of fact, they were mentioned in the Sunday Times. The strategy has also resulted in over 100 pieces of online coverage all over the world.

– Topshop – Have you heard of the best – Wish you were at Topshop” marketing campaign which is connected to the retail floor with online access by using iPads and social media platforms. The goals of this campaign were – increase customer and potential customer engagement on Facebook, engage customers in-store by providing them a new, fresh, and exciting experience, increase content on their official Facebook page, as well as, Instagram feed, and use social media technology and social media platforms in a new and unique way. All shoppers were invited to try the new postcard by using a photo-sharing application, Instagram. The photos of the shoppers were captured via iPad and set with a specific Instagram filter. Once the photos have been set up and captured, the shoppers received a copy of the postcard and they were also able to upload the photo on Topshop or on Facebook.


The results of the campaign were great – The campaign helped to generate new Facebook accounts, the total reach for the marketing campaign exceeded 7.5 million, and more than 2500 photos were created on Instagram.

Inspired yet?